Children's Birthday Photography

A Celebration and Such an Exciting Time for the Whole Family

A child’s birthday party can be chaotic and stressful for the parents as they are trying to do a million things at once. In that chaos, it is often hard to spare a moment and remember to take photos. Having a  photographer will allow you to relax, knowing that you don't need to take a single photo yourself.

A birthday party is a celebration and such an exciting time for the whole family and my children's birthday photography will allow you to remember every wonderful moment.

A few key moments to capture at a birthday party are the cutting of the cake, the children enjoying themselves and the parents enjoying themselves too! 


Birthday Party Shoot  €200 (2 hours of shooting)

Travel cost is €1.00 per KM 

Home shoots incur an additional €50.00 for setup of mobile studio  


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